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A Safer Way In For A New Way Forward


Safe Door Handles


Provides the safest and most advanced ANTIMICROBIAL hands free arm pull technology available. 

 Designed to easily fit on existing doors. 

Copper pull for MINIMUM VIRUS LIFE.

Micro-textured copper surface for maximum virus disruption.

Promote YOUR commitment to the health and safety of your guest, clients, customers, patients and associates.


Safer2Pull is constructed of copper combining superior antibicrobial and micro-texturing to minimize contact when entering commerical spaces.


Safer2Pull is a sanitary door handle, ideal for all public institutions. Safer2Pull provides the safest and most advance antimicrobial hands free arm pull technology available.  According to the New England journal of Medicine, copper has been proven to be one of the least hospitalbe hosts for Covid-19 with only 4 hours of life. 

Smooth metal handles of other materials can support the virus for up to 72 hours. Additionally, the Safer2Pull copper surface has been micro-textured to further disrupt the smooth surface area preferred by Covid-19.  Patent Pending.

Safer2Pull Copper Properties - Virus Dies in 4 Hours

Other Metals Support the Virus for 72 Hours

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